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CEO Sticks With His Mali Gold Project –

8 February 2011

Dear Investors,

We wish to bring your attention to an interview with Michael Nikiforuk by Thom Calandra of, from last week:

CEO Sticks With His Mali Gold Project

“Michael Nikiforuk at African Gold Group (TSX: V.AGGStock Forum) has been plugging away for eight years in Mali and Ghana.

The CEO’s timing in West Africa is good. Several prospectors, including one upon which I have staked my Ticker Trax legacy, are printing significant gold intercepts in Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and elsewhere on that part of the African continent.

Yet Mr. Nikiforuk, based in Toronto, is just starting to receive investor kudos for rock at its Mali project — rock that might be worth $85 a metric ton and perhaps more.

‘With almost 20,000 meters of drilling under our belt, I am convinced the market will come around to our Kobadaproject,’ he tells me. ‘We have that conviction, all of us on the team.’

Now, I’ve heard that kind of talk before. I’ve been busted by bravado on more than one occasion in the past 25 years. Still, Mr. Nikiforuk is referred to me by several researchers and investors who share his zeal.”

Read the full interview here.